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How Daniel Murray dominates LinkedIn with his Marketing Millennials company page...


If you asked me about LinkedIn company pages a month ago I would’ve told you they were a waste of time.

“It doesn’t get pushed by LinkedIn, better to just post on your personal profile.”

Then last week, I heard some stats that completely changed my opinion….


  • 110M impressions in 2022

  • 5,000+ avg likes per post

These are stats that I thought were only possible on TikTok. But no, these stats are from a LinkedIn company page.

Yes, I was shocked too, until I heard the strategy.

So, let’s get into it…

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Breaking Down The Strategy

In 2019, Daniel Murray began posting on his personal LinkedIn profile in an effort to prove to his co-workers that there was good organic reach on LinkedIn.

He believed that there was a huge amount of “Underpriced attention” on the platform.

Meaning that there were people spending time on LinkedIn, yet no one was bothering to create content for them.

So he began posting.

Across his first few posts, Daniel was noticing that he was getting around 3000 impressions (essentially views) per post even though he only had 1000 connections.

3:1 ratio - he was happy with that, so he began to post more.

Over the next year, his personal profile continued to grow as he put content out and he managed to amass around 20,000 followers there.

But truthfully at this point, his LinkedIn journey had barely gotten started.

Then in 2020, Daniel made the decision to create a LinkedIn company page.

He wanted to separate his marketing posts from his personal posts and so…

Today, just 3 years on from its creation, The Marketing Millennials LinkedIn page:

  • Averages 5000+ likes per post

  • Has 690,000 followers

  • Reaches 110+ million people each year

And has absolutely run away from Daniel’s other social platforms.

Pretty crazy stats. But how in the world did he do it? How did he grow a LinkedIn company page so big?

I spent 6 hours of my life figuring out how it happened and it all comes down to these 4 key tactics:

1) Doesn’t treat it like a company page

One of the first key things Dan did when he began Marketing Millennials was not to treat it like a company page.

On Jay Clouse’s podcast, Dan explained that naturally most people on LinkedIn use their company page just to give company updates:

  • Job posts

  • Awards won

  • Employee promotions

They feel like it’s a company page so all they can post is the same boring company stuff.

So while everyone else was zigging, Dan zagged.

He decided to treat the company page just like a media brand. He didn’t want to post any company updates or job announcements, he wanted to post stuff that people would actually want to read.

This brings me to the second thing Dan nailed…

2) Didn’t make it about him

The whole reason Dan set up the LinkedIn company page was to separate his personal content from his marketing/value-focused content.

But with this, he also created a place where he could solely focus on his audience and serve them.

Dan explains the separation like this:

Personal brand: What do you want to be known for?
Company page: Who are you serving and what do they want?

It’s a mistake that so many make. They make their personal page all about them AND their company page all about them.

That mistake is what gave Dan the opportunity to dominate the platform.

3) Use pattern interrupts

If you scroll The Marketing Millennials feed you’ll see a mix of memes and reposted tweets.

I thought that this was simply a coincidence, but it turns out that it’s a neat little tactic to stand out on the feed.

Dan calls them “Pattern interrupts”.

He specifically uses Tweets in dark mode as well as memes with dark backgrounds to add clear contrast as you scroll.

This same concept is one of the reasons why carousels are performing so well at the minute.

People are used to heavy text posts, but when you’re scrolling and see this big dark block - you stop.

And when you stop, Dan has your attention and that’s a massive win for Dan.

4) Become a go-to source of value

One of the most interesting things about Dan’s strategy for Marketing Millennials is how much focus he puts on not getting forgotten.

Dan said he posts every single day on the page to stay top-of-mind.

In one of his podcasts, he mentioned that his one goal for the page is to add value to his audience with every single post.

Sometimes that’s education, other times it’s entertainment, but either way - always value.

But he also explained that no matter how much value you provide people will forget you if you don’t show up every day.

A pretty basic concept, but clearly a key component to the page’s success.

These are all awesome tactics that you should 100% go and implement. But the biggest lesson I learned from Dan while doing this research is something that should have been plain and obvious…

LinkedIn is a recruiting platform.

They make money from connecting people with jobs. Which means they need people to see companies and they need companies to have success on the platform.

When you put those two facts together you quickly start to realise that LinkedIn OBVIOUSLY wants to see company pages do well on their platform.

The problem is that most people just get their company page content so so wrong.

Luckily for you, you now have Dan’s winning formula:

1) Don’t treat it like a company page - Treat it like a media brand. Provide for your audience.

2) Don’t make it about you - Who are you serving and what do they want?

3) Use pattern interrupts - It’s a simple way to get more attention.

4) Become a go-to source of value - Consistently show up so you’re always top-of-mind

And that’s all for today!

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown as much I enjoyed writing it.

If you did (or didn’t) reply to this email and let me know your thoughts - I promise I’ll reply!

Until next time.

— Niall

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This has been a breakdown of The Marketing Millennials’ marketing strategy. I hope you have learned something and can implement a similar strategy in your business!

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