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How "Day-By-Day Content" is becoming one of the most successful forms of content you can use...

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Breaking Down The Strategy

A few months back, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw an unusual ginger man pop up.

“Day 71 running the entire length of Africa” he shouted in the video.

Running the entire length of Africa?
Currently on Day 71?
What in the world?

I had so many questions.

So, I spent the next 30 minutes scrolling through his videos and watching the entire journey.

Day 1.
Then Day 2.

All the way back to Day 71.

In the space of half an hour I was able to completely engulf myself in this guy’s journey running the entire length of Africa.

Then I gave him a follow and have continued to watch his journey ever since.

From not knowing him → To a fan in no time at all.

Pretty impressive from him.

But what I thought was just an awesome hook & story was actually a content format that can be easily replicable.

Because over the last few weeks I’ve seen it done time & time again, with various very simple concepts.

Example: Youtuber ‘Miniminter’ has been doing a “Crossbar-a-day” for entire month of December

Everyday he goes to a pitch, kicks the ball at the crossbar and posts it as a YouTube short.

The result: 8.6M views

…in just the last 22 days.

A super simple concept, very little time or money needed to pull it off. Yet it brings in millions of views.

Why does it work?

1) Humans love a narrative

Half the world is hooked on Netflix. They spend 2-3 hours every single day getting the next piece of the puzzle.

All because humans naturally love a story.

The same thing happens here. It’s a story that they can tune into everyday.

2) Curiosity kills us

Will the guy make it across the whole of Africa?
Will the YouTuber hit the crossbar everyday?
What will happen along the way?

It’s those questions that keep us up at night and make us come back the next day.

The video-a-day style is the perfect curiosity hook.

But let’s be honest…

It’s useless me giving you the format without giving you ideas for how to use it - so here are 2 awesome ideas I came up with:

1) Going Viral Every Day

Explanation: Attempt to send your company viral every day for a whole month

Hook: “Day 1 trying to send my company viral for the entire month of March”

Would work for: Anyone - but great for PR or marketing agency.

2) Big Goal In 90 Days

Explanation: Pick a big goal then show how you’re going to go from X to Y in short daily vlogs.

Hook: “Going from broke to 7-figure agency in 90 days. Day 1.”

Would work for: Anyone

 🌱 The Greenhouse

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  • My breakdown of the Hardest Geezer’s marketing strategy (See here)

A little different breakdown today. A short & actionable Christmas special.

Hope it was worth your time :)

Until next Sunday.

— Niall

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 marketing strategy. I hope you have learned something and can implement a similar strategy in your business!

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